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If they're at Mr Backlot's, they're going back to Hearthome? Oh yeah, I was getting mixed up with the dub. Wait, that's kind of messed up. They're at the Pastoria gym then go to Mr Backlot's (they went there in the Luxray episode, right?) then jump to Lake Valor? Weird. So I suppose it's not going to be a surprise who gets the Swinub.

Wow! Gary again! Hurrah! 2nd time meeting...that's almost as many times Gary met up with Ash back in Kanto haha. They met 4 times before the league in Kanto, the Diglett episode, the fossil episode, 7th gym and at Oak's lab when he got 8 badges. It really shows how often Paul meets up in comparison.

But I don't know, how would evolving Gligar make it lose its fear? :/ Oh well, it's Pokemon.