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I want to be a rival like character he appears before you get to viridian forrest and will have a torchic lvl7 the second time is after the first gym pokemons combusken lvl 17 and spearow lvl 15
the third time after lt. Surge he will ask for double battle lvl 25 combusken lvl 23 fearow and lvl 20 cubone. the 4th time in one island just before you enter the pokecenter pokemons lvl 45 blaziken
lvl 43 fearow lvl 40 nidoking and lvl 47 seadra the next time is before you enter the indigo plateau,
he will have a lvl 52 combusken lvl 50 fearow lvl 51 seadra lvl 48 nidoking and lvl 50 scizor
of course you can chanche it btw my name is pkm trainer Sergio you can't change that
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