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Originally Posted by Gerri View Post
just another random guy that joined within the last year here to say, congrats on 5 years. While most would just roll their eyes at 5 years at a pokémon forum, I however respect your dedication. but yeah, mainly just congrats.
Too bad I don't even visit the Pokemon areas much anymore.

(Would anyone believe that I joined here as a ROM hacker?!?!)
Originally Posted by Ichaste Pekoni View Post
...Those links in your signature...... So it really IS you!! I thought it might have been with the same username and all, but then it could have also been a coincidence...

Happy 5th PC anniversary, Koroku (or should I call you Boy 412 now...? Hmm...). I guess with RnR supposedly dead, you'll have even more time to spend here.
?!?! Someone from DATS?!?!

le gasp :O

And RnR isn't dead ;_; RnR3 info just came out today :O And Star Force 2 is due in just a few weeks \o/
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