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Originally Posted by Utada View Post
Congrats Koroku aka JKaizer! Yes I remember by your old username. XD 5 years, that is totally awesome! I been seeing you around and you are pretty cool person. I hope to see you around in a few more years. If you don't know me, well I was pikastar then I was Lucy-chan, Lucy, and now I go by Utada.
Hmm... the username rings a bell ;o
Originally Posted by Inugami View Post
Happy 5th anniversary Koroku!

I remember when I was a n00b back in 2005 and kept asking why you were banned. XD Glad to see your so dedicated to PC after 5 years. XD
My banning ;_; SO MANY MEMORIES T_T
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june 10, 2008 = omg... five years!
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