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    Originally Posted by CheesePeow View Post
    You need to recolour everything, and then import it.

    Uhh, you shouldn't be added tiles your going to use alot into tileset two, instead you should replace ones from tileset 1 :/
    You added it into the black space, when you change cities that tile will be different, because it isn't the same tileset two in the city your in.

    I'll explain it a bit better.
    Pallet town has a different tileset 2 to Viridian, so if you added that grass tile to the one in Pallet town, when your in Viridian it will change to whatever is in the place where you inserted the tile.

    Now to explain that xD
    If you put it in a black space in the bottom right, and then went to a different town, the black space will be there, so therefor for that town and all other towns different to that tileset 2, it will be just a black space.

    If you get it
    As I said, if your adding tiles your going to use over and over, add them to tileset 1, cause that tileset doesn't change in cities.
    What you said is right, but remember it is harder to replace tiles in tileset 1 because the new tile may be bigger than the one you want to replace. When tileset 2 is saved and altered, you could load it at any city you want and you will have that there.

    For example you add a building or something to tileset 2 for pallet town, and if you want to use it in Pewter City, you could just load tileset 2.

    I'm pretty sure that will work just fine. I try not to mess with tileset 1 after an incident today (wasted so much time ).

    Actually I take back what I said, I think it is better to just change stuff in tileset 1.
    The other way works too though.