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    I have an idea...

    Name: Pokemon: The Secret of Elysium
    Hack of: FR

    Setting: The future of Kanto (which is very polluted), Elysian Isles
    Story: You're a prestigious Pokemon trainer on your way to the league and you've completed your Pokedex (except for legendaries); fangirls tremble at your presence. You're dad is a scientist who is invited by an elite group of scientists to explore some uncharted waters. he accepts. he also pulls MANY strings in order for you to be able to go as well. What a guy.
    After the boat lands on an island. you explore a bit and battle some of the wild pokemon. they are incredibly strong (for level 3-4 pokemon) and make your lv. 45 pokemon look like pansies. apparently there's some kind of force that makes non-island pokemon signifigantly weaker than the native pokemon. convenient, eh? anyways, as you go back to base camp, you see a blue pokemon, unconscious and in the rain. you pick it up and HOLY CRAP IT'S CHARMANDER! but blue? it has a green scratch on its eye, so some magical entity, the boss pokemon (yes I said boss pokemon, NOT legendary) gave it a scar (which somehow changes its entire body structure... Harry Potter much?)

    you train your lil buddy and explore the island, as the scientists/dad study why the pokemon are so different.

    also, some pokemon (cave pkmn, swamp pkmn, sea pkmn, mountain pkmn) are differently colored as well.

    I don't have much skills as a mapper or scripter, but I'm getting the hang of things.
    by the way I do have sprites of charmander and his evolutions, as well as other pokemon