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Originally Posted by Heatran View Post
You guys are being extremely selfish, the guy just got out of surgery and you're asking for the demo!
I don't mind them being selfish, i did promise them a demo but they will need to wait

Originally Posted by Dark Wolf X View Post
good game but why start with jhoto starters and not kanto,hoenn or sinnoh starters.
There is a reason for this...

The Everglade region, was rich with pokemon from other regions, however there was a servere flood and a lot of the pokemon from the region either fled or drowned.

Now, 10 years later on, the Pokemon numbers are slowly returning to what they used to be. However there are still some pokémon which haven't returned.

The Johto starters are in this list amongst a few more from the other regions, part of the task in this game will be to help bring back the pokemon which are missing, you will be able to travel to the other regions (hopefully - i may limit this to one official region and limitless amounts of my own made regions) to bring back certain pokemon for breeding, after this pokemon is brought back and a certain amount of time has passed, you will see them appear in routes and seas in the Everglade region.

Most of the Pokémon you will be asked to go and bring back will be at the very beginning of their evolution chain, and as such, their evolutions will only be available after bringing them back.
Players will not be required to 'capture' these Pokémon but rather they will be given to the player and sent back to the Everglade region from some important people.
There are also some these people who you will need to approach in the Everglade region as they leave very secluded and so they may have Pokémon which fled the region that you can use to bring back.


I am thinking about adding a few new mini games to the game perhaps some sort of racing mini game, and maybe a few others.

I was also thinking of ridding the game of Pokémon Contests, I personally would favour something new over these as I never really took much interested in them in the official games.
Because I am using Sphere, I could always make an add on pack that featured a new town where contests could take place.

On this same note, there will be places on the game which you will not be able to visit until I release the updated package, this will not alter your game playing experience at all, it will still be possible to finish the game, however it will add new areas to the game after the player has completed the game as I always thought that once you had seen the ending credits the game play value went sharply down.


Now I know I promise a demo soon, I think I still have about 50posts till the time frame I set myself runs out.
You will be glad to know that I have now very nearly completed the Items system.

Next Week, or maybe Friday of this week, a demo candidate will be sent to a friend of mine to test out, depending on the outcome of this test, the demo will or will not be classed as "ready" for release.
This however does not mean I will just release the demo there and then. Depending on the work I can get done between now and then, they may be a new area or new feature added in.


Just to show off the Bag system, I know that the graphics aren't right for the background, I have the correct ones now made however.

Sorry for the Wall of Text in this post, but I'm glad that I've sorted a few things out have perhaps given a few things for people to discuss.

~Credit to Kyledove for the tiles.