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    Originally Posted by Waudby View Post
    Guys (and girls) the demo will be released after the 300th post, or as close to as I can possibly get to it.

    Something that would speed up the process would be if people could get me D/P NPC sprites in rm2k3 format, as I still have to add in all the NPC's to fill ou tthe game

    The demo storyline is finished now, I'm now adding some finishing touches to it though.

    There battle system has a few kinks that I want to iron out first as well.

    But I do have a suprise for people after the 270th post.
    Oh My God, how long to we have to wait,this just sucks.

    So now we need to get to 300, thats gonna take forever.

    And if you want resources so badly then got to:

    and look around.