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I've always stated the demo would be released at the 300th post, it was a realistic target I set myself.

Initially it was 200, but I got carried away with mapping and features, so over all it benefits you to wait

Since people are complaining about the wait, maybe a screenshot will cheer people up.

This was going to be the suprise at the 270th post but I thought I'd be nice since I'm making you wait for the demo.


That's right, it's back. I have spent today coding the major part of the Bug Catching Contest. It will take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday just like in G/S/C.

I've had fun creating this little added bonus. I hope it keeps people happy.
Would people like me to add Pinsir and Scyther for all time values?

I can also say that the formula for calculating the winner is pretty close to that of the old version.

~Credit to Kyledove for the tiles.