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    Originally Posted by Shining Dragonite View Post
    I have a hex editor, and have been able to write text to certain parts of the rom, but I'm not sure how to implement that text to be said by one of the characters/signs, because it asks me for a text bank and a text block, whatever that means.

    So, what is the Text Bank and Text Block's relation to the text's actual location, in hex, within the rom?
    The "text block"/"text bank" label in Goldmap is mislabeled. It has nothing to do with text -- it's actually the two-byte pointer to the script, as you can see if you check out the scripts in hex. To do what you're asking (make it so that people can say things), you should look up scripting; cooley has a tutorial a few pages into the Documents/Tutorials section. And if you haven't already, read up on pointers.

    As an aside, Blue is very unfriendly if you don't already know how it works. I recommend sticking with Gold until you have a bit more experience editing GBC games.