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    hey you guys i'm back(yay) still no shines yet...but my friend has given me his pearl so i gotten as far as up to palkia which i'm SRing so far i have done 15 wish me luck. ANd plus once i find my other pearl with all my 100s and shinies i'll be able to battle online soon yay again (if you're asking for those who don't remember or weren't here early enough to know it stopped working so i melted it over a light bulb it worked so now i must put a piece of paper behind it for it to save properly the reason why it can go online lol) so onwards for palkia and if i get tired or bored which is probably around 900 and over i'll be hunting regigigaggas or giratina l8r peoples.

    p.s. i sorry to bug him but any news on the shines card from metalmario?

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