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    Lol SRkid I haven't posted pics of my shinies in months :p Most recently posted pics were VenomX's Shiny Registeel or unless you looked at way old posts from last Oct./Nov since I think those were the last pics I posted here of my shinies (Heatran/Unown/Skarmory). Anyways you have to upload your pics from your computer onto a web server like photobucket to get a URL for your pics. Then to post them just click the Yellow icon with a mountain on top of the post reply box and then put the url in the pop up. You could also click the Globe icon with a chain and also paste the url in the pop up then you can have the image linked to whatever words are between the square quotes.

    Anyways here's pics of my shinies this year so far :/
    Jan 13th, Uxie appears!!
    Uncatchable Nighmare, bad luck
    26 days Later, shiny treecko appeared! Feb. 25th
    April Fool's day shiny, Torchic shined on April 1st
    May 22, Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls is released, The skulls brought forth shiny Palkia!

    Lol yeah I haven't chained any shinies this year yet xD I just haven't felt like it especially since the couple times I tried I got bored fast after breaking the chains early meh. Anyways still Sring for Combee mostly, also doing some Kyogre and Darkrai SRs. Most people are not Sring for darkrai because of the stigma that people say its set to be non-shiny, so because no one is trying it can't be proven or disproven :/ My darkrai is from ranger 2 so even if TRU darkrais were somehow set to be non shiny (doubt it), I'm hoping mine still can shine (it comes in regular ball and does not have the nat ribbon):p Anyways good luck to everyone who is hunting, especially SRing :p!!
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    Credit to Yami Zidane

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