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    i've 205 SRs and i'm still going strong getting really bored though i'm being really lazy though AND i'm doing homework too.but i'm sure i get over 800 by around 3:00 yeah.i find it much much easier to hatch eggs. SRkid i know what you mean and i'll take that to heart the reason why i never really try too hard when i SR is because somehow i always get the shiny between 350 - 1000ish it's happened to me 4 times although they were all different games lol they were all the regis and i'm still trying for regigigas although my younger cousin got the registeel and regice for me i told him to look out for stars lol the fourth was a drifloon which i i know how your friend felt try hatching 13,254 eevee and 9,000 munchlax eggs in just 2 days.(yeah i counted them, so what, i'm not sad lol plus i had more than one game so it's a slightly tainted victory)

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