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Originally Posted by Tentachu View Post
What program do you use to edit/add/change battle sprites of Pokémon or the Professor at the beginning of Pokémon Gold?
AGIXP -- see the tool box

Originally Posted by xXSaintXx View Post
Well, first, Can anyone tell me how to edit the sprite and data of the world map of gold/silver?
please, show me a tutorial o explain very well so i can understand it.
Secondly ( i have windows XP) I cant use pokemon HFD editor, the one who told me that i had
to use the arrows to load my rom was wrong, it doesnt work.
And finally, can someone tell me if i can edit the pokemon sprites (in battles) of pokemon red and blue?

you just navigate to the Gold ROM with the arrow keys, press Enter, it has instructions

your second question: not easily, not with a tool that does alot of the work for you