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    Congratulations to everyone who has gotten new Shinies and welcome to all the new members that have joined since my last time here!! Have a great time and good luck on your hunts!! :D

    My Charmander hunt is still going on strong!! I won't be giving up soon at all!! Also, seeing as there has been talk on the Deoxys event, I got mine yesterday (I actually took out my License two days before the event just to go get it, since no one that could've taken me was around)!! =P Anyways, due to a bunch of stuff, busy, personal stuff, etc., I won't be coming around this place or online for a while!! So as of now, I'm on unknown amount of time hiatus!! When I come back, I hope to have some new Shinies with me (especially Charmamder)!! I hope to see this place still active when I do return!! Good luck to everybody here with their Shiny Hunts and see ya all around!! ^_^
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