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Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable View Post
Can I join? I have 9 shinies at the present time.

In my Gold version:

In my Sapphire verson:

In my Diamond version:

Currently hunting:
3. Voltorb in Emerald
2. Raikou in Crystal
1. Bagon in Sapphire
Welcome to the club! Please note that G/S/C shinies don't count for credit here. Nice collection anyway. Was Croagunk hard?

Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post
I'm almost up to 25 Misdreavus in the chain again. I despise Eterna Forest. It needs it's name changed to "bad grass selection".
There's that "too convenient to have not been put there by accident" 9x9 grass patch somewhere around 1/3rd through the forest. It's definitely the best place and has a fair deal of "safe grass."

Originally Posted by SRkid View Post
Hey guys, I've been a fan of this Club for a month now and I have decided i would enjoy joining. So speaking of joining, can I? I have Pokeradar shinies such as shinx, luxio (evolved from one of many shinx), ponyta, electrike, weepinbell and victreebell (evolved from weepinbell). I also have shiny heatran and deoxys from GTS, seem legit. I am also hunting shiny Uxie in Pearl and will soon hunt the gamestop deoxys.
Excellent, a fellow lurker! Welcome to the club. Just be mindful that radar multiples count as one shiny.

Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable View Post
Can I join or what?
I've noticed that the owner has'nt been on in like a year so is there like a co owner that can let me join. I'm about to have my brother trade me over his Shiny Totodile because he doesn't want it.
Please, no rude first posts. For now, you are withheld membership from the club. Please ask again in one week.

Originally Posted by shinyhunter011 View Post
well today i might actually go for a shiny *shocked* i havent attempt since slakoth like a week ago so =/ im thinking of eiter fishing magicar(DDD race?) or chain swarm.

edit: i got a question should i leave my shinies UT? i just dont want to touch them but i might start my own "shiny dex"
As of recently, I've been keeping an "archival clone" of each of my shinies, and leaving them as untouched as possible, both to serve as backups in case I lose any of my games, and in case I botch their EV training or want to run different sets for different games. Before I could clone, I went ahead and trained my shinies. Porygon2 and Dragonite have reached level 100, and I'm now regretful that I can't fix their EVs. (They just have simple 252/252/4 splits, and nowadays, I aim for magic numbers.)

Originally Posted by Kishu Inu View Post
I have read over this topic, the WHOLE thing, and I don't think traded shinies are aloud anymore. I'm new here, too. I've only posted about four times. Welcome.
Sort of. Traded shinies may only count if you can be 100% sure that (A) they're legitimate and (B) no one else is taking credit for owning that shiny any more. 100% sure doesn't include stuff from some "friend" halfway across the globe who claims to have gotten them fairly. You'd basically had to have been watching over the shoulder of the guy who caught said shiny and been sure he didn't make any clones. Point B means you can't go sharing radar extras around, because the original chainer is still going to claim credit.

Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
I just can't decide what to chain today for a shiny....there's sooo many I want!!!!
The world is your Cloyster. (Ha ha, poké-pun, ha, huuh...) Pick something and go get'm!

Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
I've finally decided to go out and catch myself a ditto so I can begin breeding, I figure I'll breed my charizard in hopes to get a few more shiny ones for trading and what not. Anyways not really much to say right now I have to go to work soon but hopefully I'll have some exciting news for you all tommorrow
I hate to disappoint you, but 1/64 shiny breeding only exists in G/S/C. The odds in R/S and on are independent of what the parents are. You'd be looking at a 1/8192 haul just like my Chikorita operation.

Shiny hunting progress: My latest count for Chikorita is 2188. A side effect of my Emerald RNG super-shuffling is that my game time can become inflated quite quickly. Before I started doing this, it was around 150 hours. It's already up past 180!

On the 4th-gen, I'm training an EVed team including many shinies to go explore Battle Island with. Once they're up around at least L50ish, I should be able to go after Sneasel with ease. I miss my (non-shiny) Vaporeon, Tyranitar, and Electivire I had EVed in my old Diamond. :'( At least I might still have clones of the Wish Eevee parents of my Vaporeon on Emerald still.

I'm also going to restart Diamond soon and begin my final save. I don't need to use it for mass harvesting of items/legendaries any more now that I have a working M3 again.
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