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    Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
    There's that "too convenient to have not been there by accident" 9x9 grass patch somewhere around 1/3rd through the forest. It's definitely the best place and has a fair deal of "safe grass."
    lol, you're preaching to the choir man. What I meant by "bad grass" was when just 3 patches shake and only 2 of them are the common kind and I have to reset over and over to be exactly precise in getting 4 common grass and in great formation.

    It's no matter now, I'm resetting it at 43 now. All the shiny Misdreavus so far have been guys except for that very first one I got a week or two ago.

    Still going. I gotta hurry, I'm gonna try to sneak a stop at GameStop and gather up 3 Deoxys.

    I'd like to see if the "Gamestp" Deoxys can be shiny... I'd love to have one.

    oh also interesting to note is that I'm up to 81,750 steps. It doesn't seem like I've put all that much work into this though. Indeed, I was very careful... maybe it 's just because Buneary was a lot more trouble. I had to stop Buneary at 84,000-so that I could get Darkrai, and now I'm doing a different Pokemon but in the same area and in a similar situation. :P
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