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    Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
    As of recently, I've been keeping an "archival clone" of each of my shinies, and leaving them as untouched as possible, both to serve as backups in case I lose any of my games, and in case I botch their EV training or want to run different sets for different games. Before I could clone, I went ahead and trained my shinies. Porygon2 and Dragonite have reached level 100, and I'm now regretful that I can't fix their EVs. (They just have simple 252/252/4 splits, and nowadays, I aim for magic numbers.)
    Actually dude you can fix their EV sets, you use the EV berries to reduce them(if they are over 100 it brings EVs back to 100 and its 10 points per berry afterwards, then re-EV it the keep putting it in the PC and taking it out, the stats are recalculated each time it goes in the box so look at the stats everytime and when they no longer change its done, kinda time consuming but it does let you re-EV 100s

    Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
    GOOD NEWS!!!! Snubull is swarming for me today!!!!! This is one shiny I won't give up on....My chain broke at 30 but I'm not going to lose hope I just love snubull (even if I can`t spell it :p) anyways not much else to say yet I`ll come back and edit this post with when I catch my lovely snubull!

    EDIT: Bad news.....I didn't get my shiny Snubbull =( I spent all day chaining just to have my chains keep breaking around 30 over and over and then now it's 12 so time for a new happens to be that

    Wow this is gonna make me look like a jerk, I'm taking today off from hatching Croagunk and my chain heppened to be snubbull, and at a chain of 6 I got the shiny patch, it didn't have the nature,IVs,or ability to be usefull competativly but I may use it ingame, I'm gonna try for some more and if I get multiples I'll give you one
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