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    Pokémon Ryen

    Welcome to the World of Pokemon!
    (Developed in rpg maker xp) Many of you know me as an
    experienced game developer who has been working Ryen for
    quite a long time (almost a year, the first beta release will be
    our one year anniversary). I've put a large amount of effort and
    time into putting game together and improving and sometimes
    starting from scratch because of errors I faced. Pokemon Ryen is
    what in my opinion, will be the first of its kind. The game already
    includes many maps and custom remixes (by megiddo). Our goal
    is to become one of the longest, most complete running projects
    around. We will acomplish our goal with the help and work of our
    large team. Throughout Ryen you will face many challeges such as
    having to travel half the region to acomplish a task or a difficult battle
    with one of your many rivals. You might have to complete a quest to
    continue your journey or face a Pokemon of legendary status but you
    will overcome. We are trying to make this game extremely difficult to
    keep everyone wondering what to do next or to advance in the game.
    Even though the game will be difficult you will be awarded by getting
    to view a new town or listen to a remix of a song older Pokemon players
    might have heard before. Get ready because Pokemon Ryen is comig soon!

    Your Story…

    Imagine becoming the new champion of the kanto region, think
    your journey is over? Do you think you can just head back home
    and put everything behind? No, everything is just about to begin!

    Prof. Oak has taken his time from his research over at a region named
    Ryen to tell you that he's invited you to a cruise ship heading to the
    Ryen region! The cruise ship is heading for Route 48 which is the
    right the foot of Citric Beach. You'll fing Prof. Oak by his Research
    buliding located in Citric Beach. Right before going into his buliding you'll get a
    blast from the past... Your rival has come to Ryen aswell! He challenges you
    to a battle only to discover that your Pokemon are missing! You immidietly
    recognize your mistake and head for the port but the ship is already gone. What will you do? What will happen when prof.Oak discovers that your Pokemon are missing?
    All these questions will be answered after you play Pokemon Ryen!

    Team Galactic...

    A group of villains has arisen in the region of Ryen. Their intentions are
    currently unknown but they are spreading their mischief among Ryen.
    They have been reported in Institutes, forests, Routes, and shores.
    There has been a rumor going around that they are after world
    domination but there is a larger matter at hand. A great power has
    lost a loved one and he will do anything possible to get her back. He
    will destroy, cause grief among many people, and even get rid of his own
    to see her again. He will awaken a great power, a foolish decision he
    will look down upon later. Because of this will put everyone's life at
    risk, including his own... The wold will be torn apart and everything
    will seize to exist. Stop it before it's too late... You... are the only one...

    The myth...

    Out of nothing came the great one...
    He called upon his power...
    There came Time...
    There came Space...
    Out of Time and Space one was to watch...
    The one lived in the world of reverse...
    The world of torn...
    The world of disruption...
    He watches waiting to rise...
    Waiting to attack...
    Among the weak hearted...
    Among the strong...

    There is one to stop one...
    The chosen one...
    He will call upon them...
    They will bring one back...
    One will fall...

    Pokemon Ryen needs members who are willing to devote their time into the development of this game. Want to join then Pm me with a completed copy of this form:

    Proof of work:

    After this expect a Pm from telling you if you have been accepted or not.

    Open Positions (may change over time)

    Idealist: 0 Positions Open
    This is a really important job. You will come up with basic ideas, such as gym arrangements, to complicated systems, such as a brand new device to replace the Pokegear.

    Tile Artist: 1 Position Open
    This person will be working right beside me creating custom tiles to fit the environment of the Ryen region. This is one of the most important jobs.

    Area Entrances Designer: 1 – 2 Positions Open
    If you choose this job then you will be designing the images that appear right before you enter an area (Like the ones from Fr/Lg).
    These must be either scratched or edits of the old ones. I will not accept recolors unless I ask for them.

    Spriter: 1 Position Open
    These members will be designing trainer sprites and will be converting DP Pokemon sprites into Fr/Lg style. These will be either scratch sprites or edits.

    Beta Testers: 0 Positions Open
    If you want to take on this job then you must be extremely talented in using Rpg Maker Xp. You must also fix many bugs that I come across that I myself cannot fix. I will give you the uncompressed file to fix. You are not allowed to take any graphics from this file!

    Mapper: 0 Position Open
    I need very skilled mappers to map out the remaining areas of ryen. You will be using many tiles that the tile artists will be making.

    Music Composer: 1 – 2 Positions Open
    If you know how to remix music then you've got this job. I need pieces of music that I have remixed.
    I have no idea how to do this that's why i urgently need someone to fill this position.

    Take a look to what we have done so far! This isn't everything, just a sneak peak!




    Team, Universal Dreams
    OmegaGroudon – Co-Founder/2nd Founder
    ryushin5 – Beta Tester, Idealist
    sonic smash down – Mapper
    Yuoaman – Mapper
    ShadowPand3monium – Spriter
    riceeman – Spriter
    PokemonOI – Beta Tester
    TeddiursaFan – Idealist
    megiddo – Music Composer
    Crossel – Spriter
    44tim44 – Tile Artist
    If your name is not listed please tell me.

    The Pokemon Starter Kit – Pokemon Essentials (made by Poccil)
    vgmusic – for their great Pokemon Tunes.
    Pokemonplatinum – for the banner
    Kyledove – for his custom ow's
    Alistair – for several tiles
    Shadow_Dark_Chaos for the great banner.
    FMP – For some custom trainers
    44tim44 – for spriting for Ryen

    Pokemon Ryen
    We're back!

    You've waited and now we're back!

    Stay tuned!

    Stuff that i've been kepping secret from PC.