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This is a really short chapter, but it introduces a lot of elements that I really am going to need to ease you all into. The plot is really thick, and I don't want this to be so scientifically overwhelming that I turn off readers. That being said, the wait was a bit longer than I would have liked, but here you go.


Chapter Two: First Steps

“Standing took a long time. I was still very weak after cutting my way out of my incubation pod, and the gleaming ceramic floor had become slippery from the amniotic fluid. I could maneuver into a crawling position with minimal effort, and although this was a perfectly valid method of movement, I was led by some inner compulsion to support myself with my two legs. Whether this desire to stand was instilled in me by my creators, or whether it was simply a result of natural progression, I know not to this day.

At first, I simply rocked backwards, lifting my hands from the floor and placing all of my weight on my feet. I managed to balance for a few seconds in this crouching position, but soon I fell forward and was once again on all fours. I tried this technique a few more times, each attempt bolstering my sense of balance and coordination. After a while, I found that I could stay in the crouching position for nearly a minute.

When I felt ready, I made my first attempt to rise to my full height. This ended with me lying on the floor again: I fell backwards almost immediately when I tried to move from the crouching position. I tried this twice more with the same result before realizing that I should hold on to something while I stood to keep myself from overbalancing. My incubation pod was too smooth on the outside to offer substantial purchase, so I crawled to a series of pipes running along one wall and used them as handholds as I tried to stand once again. This time I managed to accomplish my goal, and although my relatively unused limbs shook from the exertion, I couldn’t help but feel a bit stronger than before.

Next came using my new stance to move about. Remembering that I didn’t have enough coordination to stand unaided, I walked slowly along the wall, keeping a hand on the pipes at all times. At first I stared at my feet, my concentration fully engaged by what I was doing. However, once I got to the corner of the room and turned back to go the other way, I allowed myself to sneak quick glances at my surroundings. The source of the low light bathing the room was the ceiling: it was one seamless, glowing panel. As I moved, the part of the panel directly above me grew brighter, illuminating my immediate area. As I looked about, I found that the only thing in the room besides my pod and the one directly across from it was a metal door set into one wall.

On one side of the door was a dark panel, which occasionally pulsed red. I stopped trudging back and forth when I first noticed this, watching it for nearly a minute. The color stood out strangely and entrancingly against the otherwise drab contents of my setting, and I wondered what exactly the panel was. Hesitantly, I moved away from the wall, and took my first few unaided steps as I tried to reach the object that had caught my interest. I didn’t quite make it, although I didn’t fall: as I was passing the pod that hung across from mine, I happened to look through the circular aperture set into it, and paused.

Inside was a sphere. The orb glowed a vivid orange color, throbbing between dim and bright. As I watched it, I realized that the rhythm matched my heartbeat. I was just about to cut this puzzling object out of the pod in order to examine it further when a sharp hissing sound emitted from the direction of the door. I snapped my head in that direction, watching as the metal rectangle slid into the wall to reveal a being that stood on two legs as I did. Despite myself, however, this being had pinkish skin and brown hair, and was wrapped in some type of white material. We stared at each other for a few moments, this newcomer and I, and then I looked on as the other glanced around outside, walked in, and closed the door. The ceiling grew brighter above the being upon its entrance, casting the same amount of light around it that I was receiving. It approached me slowly, and I began to pace backwards, erring on the side of caution as it drew nearer. Seeing this, the being stopped, and then pointed at the pod containing the orb. My eyes followed the gesture.

‘That’s your Force,’ the being said with no apparent emotion, dictating as though it had memorized the speech, the words taking meaning even as I heard them for the first time. “It is an organic weapon that synthesizes your brain waves, turning them into energy. It can do this because it is based off of your genes, which have been engineered to give you the psychic ability to control quantum physics. That ability is made possible by your mind’s production of Psi waves, a new type of brain wave that transcends and affects the physical realm.’ The other ceased talking for a moment, looking me over with the expression of someone critiquing a well-composed piece of art. ‘You and that Force are quite the marvels of bio-engineering, Mewtwo. You will be a prime asset to our needs.’

I was wondering what a ‘weapon’ was when the being turned back to the door and placed one of his hands on the panel next to it. The panel lit up with blue light, and then the room did the same. Suddenly, I found myself growing drowsy. I sank to a kneeling position, my hands limply resting on the ceramic floor, and darkness began to cloud my vision. ‘I have activated an energy field that suppresses your Psi waves,’ the other was saying. ‘Do not be alarmed. You will slip into a harmless state of unconciousness momentarily.’

The ensuing, paralyzing unawareness was worse than the wires that had constrained me in my pod.”
-From recovered audio recording
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