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Originally Posted by KiNG08 View Post
That's tough. i really want to play, i hope its how everyone expects it, is the whole thing gonna come out or does it stop at the demo?
I'm gonna repeat it just because I like repeating it

The demo will go as far as Metrostone City, or in other words, the second city. You will also get to visit 2 other towns and another city, along with a few routes and a forest. You get to battle the gym leader, Grant, who uses Rock type. There will be a total of about 20 custom Pokémon from Koyoto, and another 20 catchable non-Koyoto Pokémon available.

The 2nd demo should be much better, with a newly designed Pokédex, possibly new graphics, a new layout for the Pokémon stats screens, many new Pokémon and more. It should have a total of 4 towns and 4 cities, and should end after you get the 3rd gym badge. This demo should be released by the end of the year. After this demo, the complete game will be released. It will have all Koyoto Pokémon, all towns and cities, and everything else. This should be released by mid/late 2009. It's going to take a lot of work, so I think Lorem Ipsum should take attention to all of what I said.

Good to hear a demo is on its way!
Also, why r u not in charge anymore and who's in charge now?
If you read my post in the Farewell topic, you'll see the reason why I have left. Lorem Ipsum is now in charge.