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To me, Claire doesn't seem like a rampaging psycho so much as the subtle, understated psycho. Kind of like Nena Trinity from Gundam 00. Outwardly, most of the time she appears to be this calm and somewhat hyper little girl, but when she gets angry or when she simply feels like it, she'll turn into some psychotic monster who takes pleasure in killing others, only to turn right back into a normal person again. I mean, if she was obviously psychotic, don't you think Bulbasaur would have been a little more nervous to begin with, rather than only getting nervous after Claire begins to strangle the Pidgey?

Anyways, I absolutely love what you have so far. Call me a twisted little freak if you want, but I love how your described Claire strangling Pidgey. I'll be keeping an eye out for this fic, and hope it ends up as good as the preview.
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