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    Originally Posted by lukeh View Post
    What my idea was for my hack was going to be this:

    Name: Pokemon Mist
    Setting: Islands off the coast in between Kanto and Jhoto
    Hack of Fire Red (hopefully I can use the graphics from shiny gold)

    You start in a small town close to the city. One day you get a letter from a very large research company requesting you come in. When you go, they tell you that they are researching the difference between pokemon that are trained by a trainer, and those that are trained in the wild. You get 2 pokemon, Umbreon and Espeon. (you can catch most of the starters although they are rare) I am open to suggestions from this points because I am still deciding on the rest of the story.
    Don't you think having Umbreon and Espeon for a starter is too advanced? But the story sounds quite good and different from some other stories I've heard. How about you can catch the other starters in some events in the game?