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Yay! People are posting here again! :3

Originally Posted by Sayaira View Post
2. He responds but says: "I totally forgot I made that RP. LOL!" <- Gtfo.
or, "I've been way to busy to manage that board and didn’t have time to tell anyone!" <- Bullfeet. Why are you responding to this then?

3. He picks a fight, saying he did remember the RP, the site just didn’t work on his computer, or it wouldn’t let him post.. etc. etc. and whatever, whatever. We all know its Bullfeet.
Erm...not to rain on your parade or anything, but I'd like to point out that there's a slight difference between having the time to occasionally reply to a PM and having the time to run an RP and keep posts of proper quality coming. In my experience, the former tends to consume far less time than the latter. (Hence why I, with a heavy heart, shut down Neo Genesis when my draftee period started; I thought it was preferable to leaving everyone with the dreaded 'now what?' scenario) Just up and disappearing without even dropping a simple one-line excuse, however, is a completely different matter and one of the rudest things you can do to your RPers. The least you owe them is an OOC of apology/explanation. :<

Also, sometimes the site really doesn't work/let people through. Again, personal story: I poofed from here for almost two months once because I was too much of a ditz to realize that one of the site urls (the 'theud' one, as I recall) was up and running but the other was still down after the last server crash. But yes, nine out of ten times the 'I couldn't post' thing is just BSing.

And like, I'd give my full views on the RPing commitment thing, but seeing as how I've been harping about it for...what? Two and a half years now? I think I'll spare you guys the full rant this time around. XD Suffice to say that I'm behind Loki's stance on this 110%. Commitment, peoples! Commitment! >O
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