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    By: SupahFunk
    I do not own pokemon or other things, nintendo does.
    Chapter one: The Absol.

    It was all so sudden, the earthquake, him jumping out the window, the pokemon center colapsing, the Absol. He passed out after this though, the jump was quite a high one after all. Darren ahore was wearing a green t-shirt at the time, black jeans that matched his hair, and a blue long sleeve shirt under the green one. This was all covered in dirt and rubble now, as he was rushed to the pokemon center in the next town over. he dreamt of many things, his pokemon, Sunflora, and his mother, Flora Shore. His mother shared many of the same traits as him and always wore a flower pattern dress (the last one he saw her in was a forget-me-not dress. He could never forget her.) He dreamt of the Absol he saw. Every time something bad happened to him, Absol was there. He brole his leg when he was three while jumping on a trampoline, and he saw an Absol. He broke his arm while skiing, and he saw an Absol there. There where many more events where he saw an Absol, but they where minor and he wondered why an Absol tend to such minor bad luck.

    While he dreamt of all the Absol sightings he had had, one was standing right outside of his window, as if it where waiting to deliver more bad news. One thing Darren had never noticed was that the Absol had a scratch on the crescent shaped blade on its forehead. All of the Absol's he had seen had that exact same scratch on the blade protruding from its forehead. Which of course meant either there where many Absol's out there who had scratches on thier blades, or the Absol he saw was always the same one. The latter thought of course was the true one. Absol, being a dark type pokemon, has telepathic abilities to some extent, similar to how a phychic type might predict the future this way, Absol's predict unfortunate events this way. Some, however, recieve a boost of sorts. These lucky few can actually talk telepatically, quite like the mysterious clone pokemon, mewtwo. The Absol that had tracked Darren all of his life, was one of the few talking telepaths.

    While lying unconscious, Darren heard a voice deliver some of the worst news he could imagine. It said "I hate to be bearer of bad news, but as it is my duty I have no choice. You Sunflora, the pokemon who travelled with you in one of those infernal pokeballs, Did not survive the earthquake. When the building you where in colapsed, it was hit by a piece of the cieling and was then flattened. It was quite a mess, if i heard correctly." Darren was, of course, confused and scared by this statement, and in a panicking tone said "What? My sunflora was more capable than that, it would have made it!" He continued to describe in full detail the capabilities of his Sunflora. Halfway through his rant the Absol interupted him by saying " I'm sorry, but I'm just the messenger." "Wait! Tell me more!" Darren shouted but it was to late. The Absol had left.

    He woke up two days later, with his mother holding his hand, praying to every god she knew that her son would wake up. He said in a gentle voice to her "Hello mom, have you seen my Sunflora?" Flora Shore was not easily surprised, but this made her jump rather high for a simple surprise. Darren was about to repeat the question, but his mother grabbed him and squeezed the air out of him before he could say a thing. "Don't you ever scare me like that again!" 'Don't worry mom, I won't." He replied, after being let go.
    Well, how do like it? I hope it came out better than A twin adventure. There are many plot holes, but this is just the first chapter, remember that. Also, when pointing out errors, don't be so harsh. I have feelings to you know! *sniffle* (seriously though, avoid exageration like it where a plague. I'm a funny guy, but I can only take so much.)
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