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Originally Posted by Sayaira View Post
Umm.. nice to know that the doubts are out of the way?
(I really dont know quite what to say)
Oh, I wasn't exactly expecting a response; I just wanted to make it clear that I'd be able to sign-up soon rather than later or not at all, because of how unsure I was about reserving at all. Speaking of which, here's the sign-up. I wanted to try something new for once and make a character who acts cold and cruel. If there'sany issues with her, though (the sign-up, how I'm RPing her, etc.), let me know. To be honest, I've never RP'ed a character with the sort of "rival" personality before, but it's something I'd like to try out.

Name: Rachel Rubison
Age: 13
Birthday: September 24th, 1995

Appearance: While Rachel is quite tall, she is also very slender. In fact, one could easily call her "sickly" just by looking at how skinny she is, though she really is just naturally this size. Her skin is pale; her hair goes down to a little ways past her shoulder in straight strands of midnight-black. One of the more peculiar things about her is her eyes. One is an earthy shade of green, and the other is as deep blue as the sea.

Rachel seems to have a thing with black tops. She is rarely seen not wearing one, and doesn't seem to care what kind of top it is; T-shirts, blouses, sweaters... As long as it's black, she'll wear it. On the other hand, she doesn't even own any black pants. Often she is seen with blue jeans, khakis, or other similar things (excluding shorts; Rachel hates shorts), but never anything black besides her top. She has a few ear rings she puts on every once in a while, and a few pairs of shoes to choose from. Usually, though, she will wear her tennis shoes, especially on a journey such as this one.

Personality: Even though she's a bit shy, Rachel is generally a cold person, and can sometimes be downright mean. There never really was a time in her life when she acted all that kind. To others she is rude, bossy, and inconsiderate most of the time. However, despite this apparent air of hostility, Rachel actually is a bit uncertain how to just get along with people and make friends. Beneath her harsh exterior, she is desperate to have a real, true friend she can rely on.

Unfortuately, Rachel never really got to know many Pokemon growing up, but always wanted to be a trainer and journey the region. The idea that Pokemon are just like humans, with thoughts and emotions and ideas, never really came through to her mind, as she rarely ever was given the opportunity to closely relate with them. Therefor, she is a harsh trainer who pushes her Pokemon rather brutally to get stronger and win. It isn't quite like abuse, but all the same she is definately notanywhere close to the nicest trainer out there. The sad fact is, she doesn't realize that her actions are wrong, and goes on like this believing there is no pain or consequence caused.

Otherwise, Rachel tends to be rather reserved. She isn't one to act all outgoing and make many friends, and if she does make friends they usually aren't the type who are very close with her. Her longing for a companion, however, might be answered on this journey with her Pokemon... How this will effect her personality, only time may tell.

History: The first ten years of Rachel's life were spent in Veilstone City, her hometown, with her two wealthy parents. Everything for her was generally normal. She was a fairly normal little girl, albeit more shy than most, who started school when she reached the age of five and turned out to be an average B/C student. Things were going well for her, but there were uprising troubles with her parents.

Rachel's father was an excessive alcaholic, a habit her mother greatly disapproved of. This was only one issue between them, though. There were financial problems as well, and that's not to mention the disputes they had about how to parent their child. Fights between them became more and more frequent. And then, Rachel's father found out that his wife had been seeing some Pokemon breeder from Johto.

The divorce came soon afterward. Rachel's mother recieved custody of her daughter, and they moved to Sandgem Town for peace and quiet while her father remained in Veilstone. The move and the divorce stressed Rachel greatly. It also was not long before her mother and the man she had been seeing were married. This displeased her even more. Who did this guy think he was, coming in and trying to replace her father? And why did she have to move away from her school, her life, her home? Rachel didn't dare tell her mother these things though, knowing she was just as stressed and upset. Instead, she just held her pain in and tried to live on, though she hasn't heard from or seen her father since the divorce. Now she's lived in Sandgem for three years, and finally, with her new Pokemon, she is ready to begin a Pokemon journey, simply for the sake of escaping her past family issues and problems.

Requested starter: Gible (the statistics you provided will work perfectly)
History of starter: Rachel recieved Gible from her stepfather, who works at a sancutuary specifically for Dragon-Type Pokemon. He was born in Johto near Mt.Silver (where this sanctuary is), and spent the first month or two of his life as any other young Gible would. But, poachers were a frequent problem around the Mt.Silver area, and they occasionally would dare to trespass into the Silver Falls Dragon-Sanctuary looking for rare Pokemon to hunt. This Gible lost his mother to a poacher, and his father had long since left his mate to continue his life elsewhere. While the poacher was found and arrested, the Gible was left without a parent. The staff of the santuary knew he would not survive on his own, and that he could not raise the baby Dragon-Type as a Garchomp mother would, so Rachel's stepfather decided to capture him and bring him to his home in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh. After all, his stepdaughter wanted to become a trainer, and he thought she would approve of such a rare Pokemon.

Role-play sample: One of my (longer) posts from "A Journey", Oni Raichu's RPG...

In a flash of light, the Pokeball split open. A bright white burst of energy emerged and travelled down to the floor, seeming to explode with a miraculous sensation of excitement for Amelia. Ever so slowly, it cleared away, and the first Pokemon Amelia would befriend appeared.

The little thing was curled up tightly, and at first she thought it was not a Pokemon, but a peculiar yellow ball. Then she noticed its breathing, and saw tufts of white fur sticking out on its sides. Its whole back was a curled, round orb of bricklike golden-brown patterns in this position, and she could barely see a pair of triangular ears poking out from under what she guessed was its head.

"Oh, Sandshrew!" Elm said to the Pokemon in an encouraging tone, "It's okay. This is Amelia, your new trainer!"

"A... Sandshrew?" Amelia asked quizically. This wasn't exactly what she'd expected. She had been hoping for something neat and noticable, like a sparky little Shinx or a flaming Ponyta. But Sandshrew was just... well, plain. Ordinary. Nothing special. The look of disdain on her face was quite obvious for a few seconds. Then, the tiny creature nervously uncoiled itself.

Amelia turned her head down to her new Pokemon, and the first look it gave her melted her heart. Those eyes, big and black, stared up at her with hope and worry. Ears held slightly back, tail curled arounds its back paws... It almost looked scared of her. Please accept me, its eyes begged helplessly. Please. All I want is a loving trainer...

That was all it took. She scooped up the Sandshrew in her arms and gave it a tight hug. As if acknowledging her acceptance, it let her do this and made a small sound that was remotely similar to a purr. The white fur on its underbelly was so soft... as it it had never before been touched by anything...

"Haha," Oak laughed, "It looks like you two are already friends. That's good. We could tell based on what we'd heard about you that Sandshrew would be your perfect starter out of the bunch! You'll see that he's really quite friendly, and he's also quite a good battler as well. Just a bit shy at first; that's all."

So it's a he, eh? Amelia thought to herself, looking at the Sandshrew again, who was contently resting in her arms with a sleepy look.

"I suppose we'll have to give you these, now, Amelia," Professor Elm said, handing her five shrunken Pokeballs and a handheld device. Amelia set down Sandshrew and accepted the items, clipping the Pokeballs to her special belt (her mom got it for her saying it was specifically for this purpose). Upon seeing her confused expression while looking at the device, Elm's eyes widened. "So I see you're not familiar with the Pokedex! It's something most trainers use. Whenever you meet a Pokemon, it automatically records data on it to let you keep track of how many you've seen. It also comes with plenty of extra features, but you can figure them out for yourself later."

"Well, I'm assuming you know the basics of what to do, right?" Oak asked. "After all, you know about raising Pokemon if I'm correct, with your grandparants running the Day Care and Breeding Center back in Solaceon?" Amelia nodded, shoving the Pokedex into her right pocket. Besides, even if she did have trouble, she'd manage to find out what to do on her own with experience.

"Alright, then," Elm said conclusively, "Take care on your journey. And good luck with Sandshrew, too!"

"Should I put him back in his Pokeball now?" Amelia asked.

Elm shrugged. "You can if you want to. You don't have to, though."

Amelia picked her Pokemon up again, and with that, she stepped out of he room, Sandshrew in one arm and his Pokeball in the opposite hand.

And here's her trainer card: