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    Since FR/LG is about to be released in the US/UK/Europe, and Emerald in 2005, its about time to say goodbye to R/S and move into the next generation of games. So I thought it it would be fitting to have some trainer cards in memory of the game that brought Pokemon onto the GBA. Below I have posted one I made for myself, and I will be taking requests, but only for 10 more. 10 is all that are going to be made so you better get them fast. I will only be making one copy for each person who applys in the 10, and I will not be changing it if you decide you want it different, sorry. Also, do not edit my design to make your own like it if you dont manage to get one. So here it is, the R/S Commemorative Trainer Card.

    Remember I will only be taking 10 requests.

    Please fill out the form below for a request:

    ID Number:
    Trainer Sprite: (must make it yourself or already have one)
    6 Pokemon you want at the bottom:

    I also have the right to not approve certain people. I will post all of the cards once I get all 10 requests.

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