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Name: Akira Janson
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Akira is fairly tall at 6'1", Has Blue eyes, fairly tan skin, and long Blue hair that falls to his shoulders. Akira is pretty thin, but not to the point where he is skin and bones. Akira always wears a chain necklace over a Black shirt that goes down to his pockets. His pants are black and baggy, with tears near the bottom. He doesn't wear shoes unless he goes into sand or forests, and even then they're only cheap flip flops. Akira also owns some goggles that he uses when it's rainy.

History: Akira was born with a fatal blood infection and had to stay at the hospital for nine days before getting a blood transfusion, saving his life. After five years, Akira gained a feirce rivalry with his brother David whom was 8 years old, but Akira couldn't ever beat David, being too young and all. When Akira turned ten, David went out on a journey and became a good battler. And when David went out and started winning tournaments, he forgot about his family. Akira now wants to beat his brother, but he knows that is only a dream(or is it?).

Personality: Akira may look like someone to not make friends with. But he is a nice guy, although he is a little overconfident. If you get to know Akira, then he would be a loyal friend, but he won't forgive anyone who betrays him even once. His desire to be friends with pokemon is good, not overbearing (e.g. Ash Ketchum) but normal. Akira doesn't like David, since he left the family, but is determined to show that David isn't the only good trainer in the family.

Preferred Starter: Piplup

RP Sample: A post from Pokemon Adventure: Kanto Region

After fighting Dennis, Chris was able to get out of Mt. Moon, when he got out, he met someone unusual.

"Hey, you look a little like me." Said the boy with a grin on his face. "You want to battle?"

Chris smirked and he replied with. "Sure, but don't cry when you lose"

"Heh, like that's going to happen. Oh, and my name is Bobby Baker." Said Bobby before grabbing a pokeball.

"Oh yeah, Bobby? Well I beat a man who traveled the world with my weakest and strongest pokemon!" Said Chris trying to psyche Bobby out, but Bobby just replied with.

"You mean Dennis? I can beat him with my eyes closed." Said Bobby trying to psyche Chris out in return. But that just made Chris mad.

"I'll beat you, with my eyes closed! three on three battle!" Yelled Chris. But Bobby just smirded and grabbed a pokeball.

"Enough, go Oddish!" Yelled Bobby in annoyance. And out comes a freshly caught Oddish. Chris just laughed on the inside.

"Let's do this! Go, Pidgey!" Yelled Chris with confidence. And out came Chris's first caught pokemon. Now Bobby sweated for his Oddish. "Your move." Said Chris waiting for Bobby's first strike.

"Oddish, start out with, err... Absorb?" Started Bobby, but Pidgey was able to stand there and take the attack easily.

"This will end, Pidgey use Gust!" Ordered Chris. Pidgey's eyes glinted before blasting Oddish with a Gust ending it in one shot.

"No, return!" Said Bobby, before sending out his second pokemon. "Go! Charmeleon!" And in a flash, Bobby's strongest Pokemon came out.

"Pidgey, start with Tackle!" Called out Chris. But just as Pidgey got close, Bobby smirked and pointed towards Charmeleon. "Huh? Pidgey! Get out of the way NOW!" Yelled Chris in panic. Pidgey started to react, but Bobby's command was quickly spoken.

"Charmeleon, use Mega Punch!" Said Bobby with a grin. Pidgey was barely able to move out of the way before the punch came through. Chris sighed as Pidgey started to fly up to get away from Charmeleon, but Pidgey knew somehow that he was going to lose and it was going to be painful.

"Pidgey, counter with Gust!" Yelled out Chris. Pidgey blasted Charmeleon with crushing winds, but the fire lizard stood there with barely a scratch. Pidgey paled knowing he was screwed.

"Hmph use Ember, Charmeleon!" Commanded Bobby. This time, Pidgey had no time to dodge as the embers knocked him out in one shot.

"Grr... Return Pidgey!" Yelled Chris before sending out Dratini. "Dratini, use Thunder Wave, then Dragon Rage!" Dratini fired the thunder wave at Charmeleon, but he moved out of the way and rushed over next to Dratini, still as strong even after taking a Dragon Rage to the face.

"Mega Punch now!" Yelled Bobby. Charmeleon punched Dratini, taking it out in one hit. Chris looked on in shock, a powerful move like Dragon Rage was just shaken off like a loose coat, and the fact that his first pokemon was taken down so easily.

"Return, Dratini. Go, Mankey!" Yelled Chris as the monkey came out from the pokeball. Mankey was able to see what had happened and started to move with caution.

"Use Ember when Mankey gets close!" Yelled Bobby to his faithful pokemon. Charmeleon nodded as he started to take in oxygen slowly. Readying his powerful attack.

"Mankey, start with Karate Chop!" Yelled Chris. Mankey went to chop Charmeleon, but just as Mankey reached the lizard, Charmeleon blasted Mankey with Ember, but to everyone's surprise Mankey's attack connected and did major damage to Charmeleon. But Mankey dropped from exhaustion from fighting Dennis. "No! I-I lost?"

Bobby smirked as he returned Charmeleon. "Grow up, you can't win all of the time. Just accept your loss and learn from it. After all your Mankey managed to hurt my Charmeleon with a fierce attack. Be proud of your pokemon, who knows we may meet again? But you should just accept your loss." Said Bobby before walking down towards Cerulean, most likely to heal his pokemon. Chris just stood there shocked at how easily he lost.

After a minute Chris started to move. "Yeah, Bobby was right. I gotta accept my losses for that is what will make me great." Said Chris to himself as he started running to catch up with Bobby.

Bobby looked back and paled seeing Chris running at him, but he decided to stay and listen. Chris smiled as he passed Bobby saying only two things.

"Thank you." And those were the last words Chris said to Bobby, for this encounter.

Bobby smiled and replied with. "You're welcome."

Here's Akira's trainer card: