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Name: Jacob Christopher Scovner
Birthday: September 15, 1992

Appearance: Jacob stands at 5'6" and weighs 110 lbs. For his age, he is quite light, and his body shows this. He is thin, and appears to be quite weak. Although Jacob is lazy, his high metabolism keeps him at an average body appearance. He has strawberry-blond hair, dark brown eyes, and has both blond eyelashes and eyebrows. Not only does he look young for his age, but his puberty has just kicked in, so he has to go through the awkward voice changes, new hair growth, and developing body odor. He wears a gray long sleeve shirt, with a blue short sleeve shirt on top, with deep khaki shorts. He wears Samba sneakers (which are black with white stripes, soccer shoes), a white wristband, and a gold necklace his mother gave him when he was born.

Personality: Jacob is independent, shy, and respectful. Most people claim he's an outcast, but once people get to know him, they have respect for who he is and become deeply attached to him. Around close friends and family, his sense of humor shines, along with his sarcastic nature, which he learned from his father. When it comes to school, he doesn't do his homeworks, because he has no drive to accomplish anything. His real love is for Pokemon, and in his school, and talk about the amazing animals in banned. He has to hide his love, but that just makes his love for Pokemon deeper.

History: Jacob grew up in Gateon Port in the Orre region, but his family moved to Twinleaf Town when he was at age 7. His parents knew one day that he would love to embark on his own Pokemon adventure, but at the thought of losing their precious baby, and putting him in harms way, they sent him to a boarding school that prohibited talk about Pokemon, to make him forget his dream. Unfortunately for him, this only made his dream grow stronger. He made frequent visits home to try to talk his parents in to the idea, and after many failed attempts, they bought into the idea.

Requested starter: Pikachu
History of starter: You know Ash Ketchum's Pikachu? Well...his had a baby (with another female Pikachu, but that's another story)!!! A cute little Pichu, and Prof. Oak sent it over to Prof. Rowan to study, as he has little experience with species, as it is rare around Sinnoh. He raised it like a child, and through giving it plenty of love, it evolved at level 5!! This Pikachu has been brought up well, and has a thorough trust of people.

Role-play sample: Sadly, I have no other experience in another RP, but hey, where else to start?