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Honestly, if you look through the history of this thread, you'll see that it has gone inavctive for longer periods of time than this. All it measn is that they've started working really hard on the game itself, and paying less attention to the thread. In fact, check the original post's original date, and you'll see that this thread has been around for longer than quite a few of the current project threads. And, honestly, you shouldn't have done anything to the guys rep. This forum's definition of "necroposting" is posting in topics that have gone at least a month without posts. (like most other forums. Also, this specific board has some modifications allowing thread creators/staff members to "revive" a thread if they are still working on the project, and it is not over a relatively undefined time limit) Not only only was the post before this thread less than a month old, TOMORROW is the day that it would have become a month old, and the DAY AFTER is when it would have become necroposting. Honestly, check posting dates instead of just defaming someone.

EDIT: I'm sorry if I sound somewhat cruel or condescending. That would be because I was very angry when I posted this. Not only is this a good project, I know for a fact that it is not dead, despite the outer appearances. Not only that, but if any member has been here long enough to know what necroposting is, they should know that this thread was not necroposted. Also, it has been "revived" several times in the past after periods of inactivity, during which the creators had been working hard on the game. Each time, they came up with awesome new information, juicy details that make us willing to wait for the next update, and, let's face it, great spriting.

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