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I Want One Please!!!
Name: Can You Do 2 Trainers? Well If You Can I Want The Girl And Boy Of FR/LG Please!!! Like In My Sig. (If Not Just Give Me The Boy From FR/LG Like In My Sig.)
Pokedex: 386
ID: 83001 & 83002 If Only 1 Trainer Then Use 83001)
Sprite(s): Like The Ones In My Sig. (Only Use Boy If You Can Only Do 1 Trainer.)
PKMN With Me: (In This Order) Blaziken,Latias,Groudon,Kyogre,Latios,& Swampert
Thanks PM Me If You Can Only Use One Trainer Please!!!

Been on this community for years and just finally realized it. I'M BACK!

Going to start making my Pokémon game for RMXP, need help with tilesets, spriting, and scripting. PM me for details!
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