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Yes, I know its a bit early but Sushi posted this:
A summary was actually revealed several days ago but I didn't want to post it without knowing where it actually came from (dunno if somebody else posted it, but I think not). Now TV Tokyo has revealed a very similar one, so here you go:

Ash and his friends have returned to Hearthome City to challenge the local Gym Leader who had been absent during their last visit. However, they hear that the Gym Leader is still gone, making Ash unable to have his Gym Battle.
The group meets an Idol Pokémon Stylist called Paris (don't ask) and her Lopunny. Upon seeing Dawn's Buneary, the woman suggests her to enter the so-called "Pokémon Collection", a famous fashion show...

Voice Actors
*Enta from the Tag Battle Tournament: Kenta Miyake
*Paris: Hitomi Nabatame
*Hoshino: Sayuri
*Chouko: Ryouko Shintani
Yes Lopunny's a Paris Hilton Reference. Although I'm happy about this because Buneary get's some screentime...I kinda wish the trainer wasn't a Paris Hilton reference...Also this would make what three American Pop Culture references in terms of celebrities?
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