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    Originally Posted by hypermario View Post
    wheres the second Master Ball, and wheres registeel in the electric cave
    The second master ball can be found In Cinnibar Island Theres a bin outside the Poke Center I think and you keep talking to it and it gives you a master ball, the event is really funny!

    Registeel in the electric cave? ermmmmmmm, its in one of the corridors I'm sure, I think you just gotta press the buttons till you get into his corridor

    Originally Posted by Rex Exploder View Post
    I can't find Registeel in ElectricCave.And I already caught Raikou :/
    The North Cave is always flooded and the clock isn't moving.
    Anyone can help me?

    The North Cave! Every-body has problems with it. Ok what you need is the Pokemon Ruby walk through walls cheat. That way you can get up to the ladders and fight the legendary dog!

    Look above my post to find Regi-Steel
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