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    Originally Posted by SRkid View Post
    Well I would get an arceus to KILL the leader, I mean he beat the other four gyms! What else? They can't move on, can they? And the next episode is psyduck roadblock... Well they probably will come back, then... Kinda gay.. Should've had the gym battle, instead of 2 battles in between the movies...
    Out of curiosity...what are you even talking about? You talk about random killings...not the episode.

    EDIT:DP088: The Pokémon Summer School Begins!
    Airdate: August 7th, 2008

    Ash and his friends decide to enter a summer school program which lasts for one week, taking place near Mt. Coronet. Professor Rowan and Conway (Tag Battle Tournament) make a re-appearance.

    Newtype summary is also up:
    Ash and his friends have decided to participate in a Pokémon summer school. At this event, many trainers gather and spend time together for one week while learning various things about Pokémon. The trainers' first task is to choose a random Pokeball, raise/train the Pokémon contained and battle with it.

    An Awesome episode with COnway...on my birthday!^^
    Made by the Amazing DialgaFan of Pokemon Mansion! =D