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it's been some time since the last post, so I hope my double posting is okay.
I've read your tutorial really carefully and I completely understand it now (though I have still problems figuring out where to loop xD But I'll get this too).
There's only one thing bothering me, this part of ther tes_r:
Originally Posted by tes_r
@ 050 ----------------------------------------
.byte N92 , Fs3 , v064
.byte W92
.byte W02
.byte GOTO
.word tes_7_loop
.byte FINE

@**************** Track 8 (Midi-Chn.10) ****************@
Is it a mistake in the tes_r file or am I not understanding everything?
here, the w values together are w92 + w02 = w94, but it has to be w96 like in all the other tracks.
So, a mistake or is there a rule I don't know?
(it's the same like the normal tes file, I checked it. the only difference is the loop, the values are the same).

Hope you read this

*Busy with school*