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Chapter four: New news.

The car bumped up and down on the dirt road, but Darren was used to it. Saul, however, was not. He was feeling rather nauseous by the time they got to the small cabin in the woods, and promptly barfed as soon as he got out of the car.

"Little car sickness, eh Saul?" Darren chuckled. he could use a good laugh right about then.

"Well, I'm definitely not smelling the roses." Saul retorted, between fits of vomit.

" So Saul is his name, well, that's good to know." Flora said, proceeding to take the flowers from the funeral out of the car, smelling each one as she grabbed it. "Darren dear, would you mind helping?"

"Yes mother, coming." Darren said, turning to the car. As he grabbed a pot, he couldn't help but take a sniff. Much to his surprise, the flower sniffed back! "Mom, what kind of flower is this one?"

His mother looked at the flower. It had a brown stem that led up to a yellow bell shaped head. "Well, that's a Bellsprout!" She said in surprise.

"A Bellsprout? How did we get it?" Darren asked. "Also, why would someone give us a Bellsprout?"

"Maybe it was on purpose, did you think of that?" Saul said, having recovered somewhat from his car sickness.

"Maybe you are right dear, maybe it was on purpose." Flora said.

"Mom, I didn't say tha-" Darren stopped, should he tell his mother about Saul's ability to talk to humans? "Yes, maybe it was on purpose." He agreed

"Well, either way, its ours now, so its going to the garden." His mother said, taking the new pokemon to the garden. On the way there she thought about the surprise she got for Darren. Boy was he going to love it!

"How are you feeling Saul? Still sick?" Darren asked.

"Not really, although I would rather not ride in that blasted contraption again." Saul replied. He then noticed the puddle of his vomit was flowing towards him and suggested that they go inside.

Inside the house Darren gave Saul the grand tour. "This is the kitchen," he said, pointing to a sparkling white tiled room, "and this is the living room," he pointed to a brown carpeted room with a blue couch and small wood framed TV, they continued in this pattern through the greenhouse and into the garden.

Saul could not believe his eyes, all of the flowers, ranging from delicate violets to beautiful roses and to the tallest sunflowers (Darren still could not look at them) and the pokemon. He saw a Bellosom sitting in the sunlight, its red flowered ears pointed out the window, and an Oddish and the bellsprout where placed next to each other. The bellsprout pointed its yellow head towards the small patch of grass that was oddish. The small sprout pokemon let out a cry and the oddish replied by jumping out his pot and flinging all of the dirt on it into Bellsprouts face. Saul chuckled to himself at the antics of the two plant pokemon. They went back into the house through a back door and continued to the upstairs rooms. He showed Saul the bathroom (pointlessly, of course) and his mothers flower coated bedroom, then finally, his. He had forgotten of all the things in his room that would remind him of his friend Flora. There was a picture from his trip to the beach, him and his flower friend, smiling. Boy, would he miss those beautiful summer days, walking through the woods with his Sunflora, soaking in the scenery. All of the green, mixed with the light of the sun, made the shadows dance. He looked at the picture again, only to see Flora's bright, grinning face, staring back at him. He could bear it no longer, he fell on the bed, crying.

Saul realized that Darren might want some time alone, but still meekly said " Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes, you can go home! I don't even know why I brought you here!" Darren shouted at him.

"So be it." Saul said, as he was turning to leave. He was halfway down the stairs when he realized three things. One, he had interacted with his subject to the point where his subject had talked to him, which was an extremely bad thing. Two, he had no home now. If the elders saw him at his home, they would send him away from the tribe forever, and he would never see his beloved forest home again. Three, he had not predicted the earthquake, as all Absol's do to prepare themselves for the events to come. If he had not predicted the earthquake, something must have blocked him from seeing it, meaning that somewhere out there there was a maniacal psychic, ghost, or dark pokemon who had somehow caused the earthquake, and did not want Darren to live. He knew that Darren was the target because most of Fallarbor town was on solid bed rock, the building Darren was in at the time was the only one in town not on the bed rock. He returned to the room, with a mask of shock on his face.

Darren saw him there, and asked "What are you still doing here? I told you to go home!"

Saul just stood there, his mouth agape, and said "I just discovered something you might want to hear." He then proceeded to tell Darren all he knew about the situation.

Darren sniffled as he said "Whoa, who would want me dead?"

"I do not know," Saul said "But whoever it is, they are a pokemon."

"Well, what can we do?" Darren said in a dismissive manner.

Saul was feeling rather life changing that day, and said "We'll find out who it is, that's what we'll do. I have a few friends around the forest, they might be able to help." He knew the magnitude of this statement, but still stood by it. He always wanted to jazz his life up a little bit, and he was not going to pass up an opportunity to do so.

The two discussed the matter, but their discussion came to a halt when a shout from the lower floor said "Darren, dinner is done!" Darren jumped up at this comment and rushed downstairs. Saul had followed him, as he too was getting hungry. When they got downstairs, Saul saw, to his dismay, a bowl of pokechow, sitting on the floor. "I didn't know if your new friend would be dining with us, so I went ahead and poured some food for him." Darren's mother kindly said, wearing an apron that said "kiss the cook" in bold, crimson red letters.

"You expect me to eat this?" Saul said, looking at the bowl of small, brown pellets in disgust. "I would prefer some berries at least."

Darren, having heard his friends comment, asked his mom about it. "Why sure dear, not all pokemon like the food made for them, I understand." She then went to the fridge, and pulled out a bag of fresh oran berries. They where so big and blue that Saul that that they would explode. He watched with glee as Flora replaced the bowl in front of him with the oran berries. Darren had a vegetable pizza, which was covered with green lettuce, crimson red tomatoes, and vibrant green peppers. They where vegetarians after all (as most people where.)

Later, after dinner, Darren (after consulting with Saul) decided to tell his mother everything, from Saul's telepathy, to the plot on his life. She was standing during the last part, as she was dusting, but after hearing about an attempt on her sons life, fell onto the couch in a heap.

"Are you okay mom?" Darren said. He walked up to her and checked her pulse. He felt two reassuring thumps, and let out a sigh of relief. He did not want another loss.

"Darren, we should leave. Whoever tried to kill you will probably try again, we need to get you out of here, and into hiding. Your mother would slow us down with an extremely emotional goodbye." Saul said, heading towards the door.

Darren could not believe his ears. He would not want his mother waking up and wondering where he went. "Look, Saul. I'll leave with you now, but not without at least leaving a note."

"Fine, you humans can be so emotional sometimes." Saul said with a groan.

Darren went over to the desk and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. He poured his heart and soul into the letter, not knowing how long he would be gone. He wrote that he would return someday, no matter what the cost.

"Finally, let's go." Saul said, standing at the door.

"Saul, we may want to find another way out." Darren said, looking out the window.

"What do you mean?" Saul said, with a confused look on his face. Darren opened the door, so only a screen door was separating them from at least a dozen Medicham's and Alakazam's. All of which where led by an Espeon, who, as many psychic types (but few dark or ghost types, sadly) was telepathic.

This Espeon looked rather disgruntled when it shouted to its pokemon cohorts "Attack!"

That's it for now. I was hoping to end at least one chapter with a cliffhanger, so I did. For now, your stuck with this. Also, how long is an average chapter in a story, and am I close to average that way? P.S. what would people in that world do about meat, eat pokemon?
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