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I... don't usually read a lot of fics here at PC, but this preview is like that scary (But an "okay" movie) where you can't turn away. I'm not usually into horror or this kind of... writing. Yet, so eagerly tempted to see more, mind wondering what's around the next corner. Is Bulbasuar going to be the next Godzilla? >8D It's perfect in the regard to reeling in the reader, I'll give you major points there for sure. I can't honestly give major suggestions. (Mainly all of them have been provided) However, I would like to learn much more history and backround of Claire, and other general history too. (Childhood, etc - I'm such a past before present reader >_> *shot*) Repulsive, yet entertaining? o_o The perspective from Claire is also... just creepy, but interesting. Your descriptions are bone chilling, and just dead on. (lame pun, I know) Extraordinary so far, Burnt Flower, I can't wait for more.

(One of first posts in fic in my entire PC life, wow, Astinus don't eat me DX)
credit to easterly
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