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You missed this post I made about the sig i wanted
Um... No, I didn't. Pokemon Shaped Cards take alot longer than other ones. I don't do cards by the time they're requested. I do them by the simplicity of the cards.

Pokemon shaped take longest, then Dream, then Fluffy, then Mini, then Diamond/Pearl are fastest.

And with vague requests, it takes longer to hunt down images/sprites.

Also, I don't know what:
I want a Backround just like the Furret, Pichu, and hoppip you did... only in nidoking colors?
means. So you want an image for the background? That's the only thing the Furret/Pichu/Hoppip have in common.

I don't see why it's so hard to say what you want for a background. "I want a picture of mountain" "I want a solid purple background" "I want a background that fades from blue to red" etc. Pick something. >___>