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    Hello there, I'm X-Buster and here, I'll show you a small Tutorial on how to change the Water Animation.. are you ready..?

    What we need:
    -A Fire Red ROM
    -Tile Molester Alternate
    -VisualBoy Advance
    -A Computer and your Brain

    Ok, Lets get this Tut on the Road..

    -Open your Tile Molester and load up your Fire Red ROM..

    -Then Go To 3A7674, you can see there something like this..

    -Then do 'View > Block Size > Custom' and change the row into 2 and column into 2.. It will turn into this..

    but look at the colors.. its messy isn't it..?

    -Load Up your ROM with VisualBoy Advance and play until you can see the Water Tiles..

    -Then do 'Tools > Palette', if you focus on the fifth palette bar, thats the palette for the Water Tiles.. Hit Save BG and save it somewhere in your Computer..

    -Go back to Tile Molester, do 'Palette > Import From > Another File' and load the Palette you Saved earlier.. It should turn into this..

    What the..? The Palette is still Messed up.. if you can see the palette bar below, theres two arrows.. Try to hit the Right arrow 4 times..There we go..

    The one In green square are the tile were looking for.. Lets Change it.. Since I have No Graphic Talent, I'm just gonna Flip the Tiles..

    -When your done, Save it.. Heres an Image of the Changes..

    See the water, the wave are going to the right..

    P.S.: Use the Alternate Version of Tile Molester since it supports Windows *.pal and TileLayerPro *.tpl palettes

    P.S. 2: Tile Molester Alternate can't load the same ROM after you closed it and if that happened..
    then DELETE the file 'THE FILENAME OF ROM.XML'


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