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Originally Posted by Mobile Tsk View Post
The Sky Form Shaymin is good while simple. The colored Arceus looks plush, and I definitely like it. The Forretress evolution looks more like a human than a Pokemon. It's supposed to be a bagworm's evolution. It's not bad, but it's not very Pokemon-ish. The PokeBall is the best. It looks much like a PokeBall as Nintendo or Game Freak would portray it.
Yeah, I know. The Sky Form Shaymon would have looked more complex if I had used 3+ base shade colors, but I only used 2.

I never thought of the Arceus pic as plush. Heh.

Yeah, but doesn't Jynx look more like a human than a Pokemon? My goal was to make an armored moth, but still keep some of Forretress' characteristics.

Yay PokeBall! I like it too, but I wouldn't call it my favorite. The metallic look on the top was somewhat of an accident, actually. I'm still happy with the turn-out.

Thanks for commenting.

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