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    Well, first of all you can't post an RPG and then get upset because nobody joins it. Whether you're trying to whine or not, that is whining, and it's not only aggrivating but immature. Sometimes people don't want to join your RPG. Yes, I've been through that. Yes, many others have been through that. Big deal. It is disappointing, but that doesn't mean to make a thread complaining about it just to get others to notice you and your RP.

    Second of all, very few people are going to want to join an RP with pre-made characters. Even if you said you can make your own, and even if the RPer can elaborate on them. Why? It restricts creativity, which is why people RP in the first place. People RP to play as characters that are entirely their own the majority of the time. So, when you limit types or give a set list of characters to chose from, some people may tend to click away.

    I'm not trying to come off as harsh or rude, but a thread like this is going to make people want to join your RP even less. When no one signs up, oh well. You tried. It didn't work. Not much is going to change that, so get over it.