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    Originally Posted by partyghoul2000 View Post
    i have some somewhat advanced questions about the scripts.

    as somebody mentioned before, they wanted to add more player metadata than what was available. i've looked through the scripts and seen meta data player used in a few other scripts. if one were to add more meta data players, would it still work with the other scripts? and how would one go about putting more players in? below is the metadata script from PokemonMap lines 415 to 437.

    would for example, MetadataPlayerE go under =12? and so forth for other players?

    also, how would one input another pocket or two on the bag?

    would i just add another -1 in maxpocketsize, another 0 to choices and @pockets[6]=[]to this? i believe i already grasp what else needs to be done for this.

    i was also wondering where the piece of script is for the exclamation mark that appears above the trainer before battle. i moved the animation down on the list of animations and now it doesn't appear before trainer battles. i need to find this piece of script to change it accordly.

    also, would there be a way to force a pokemon within the player's party to evolve? i've played around with scripts and conditional branches with no avail.

    i was also wondering how pbDebugBattle is supposed to be called. i tried script and conditional branch and neither worked. getting this to work would help alot with the battle animations.

    i was also curious as to when different pokemon forms will be implemented. this would be a big plus in the next release. :D

    thanks for your answers in advance.

    i just noticed that the animation editor in the editor/debug menu doesn't save any animations. is anybody else having this problem?

    For the exclamation animation, look at the line 13 in PokemonField, there is EXCLAMATION_ANIMATION_ID. That's what u are looking for.

    For the players, I think it should work if u put MetadataPlayerE=12 and so on.

    For the bag, it should e like u said, but pay attention because the last value is used in some of the functions below.
    For example :
    def setChoice(pocket,value)
    raise"Invalid pocket: {1}",pocket.inspect)) if pocket<=0 || pocket>5
    @choices[pocket]=value if value<@pockets[pocket].length

    U muste replace the pocket>5 by a pocket>6

    For the forced evolution, add
    [spoiler]def pbForcedEvolution(species)
    return -1 if species<=0
    if length>0
    i=0; loop do break unless i_<[/quote]

    Are u speaking about the animation? Because u can find it in the same place as the exclamation animation...
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