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    Here is an edited script with a dude that gives you the National Dex in Emerald.

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    = Here you may need this on your\njourney. The Prof. is so\lscatter-brained he forgot to\limplement this feature in your dex.\lIt's the National Dex, use it to\lkeep a record of all your pokemon\lecounters.

    i need some help with some movements...there is a lab assistant in Birch's lab...i need him to walk up to you when you are attempting to leave the lab after you get the Hoenn dex from Birch.(just like how the assistant did in GSC when giving you the pokeballs, i want that same effect but with the National Dex)

    And after he gives it to you, when you talk to him again he says "I hope you are making good use of that National Dex"