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    shiny larvitar lv.6 x6 UT-2 adamant
    shiny ralts lv.1 x2 UT-2 adamant
    shiny shinx lv.4 UT-timid
    shiny groudon lv.54 T
    shiny dialga lv.70 T
    RUBY shiny linoone lv.57 T
    what would you like for theese?
    i have an alamos darkrai with a modest nature UT, a sassy gamestop deoxys UT.

    i also have many shinys
    shiny jirachi, shiny rayquaza, shiny machamp,shiny growlithe, shiny tentacool,shiny rapidash,shiny charizard,shiny golbat,shiny vaporeon,shiny gyrados,shiny salamence,shiny roserade,shiny bellosom,shiny staraptor,shiny purugly,shiny glaceon,shiny ambipom,shiny magnemite,shiny krickitune,shiny shelgon,shiny bronzor,shiny leafeon,shiny milotic,shiny gengar,shiny umbreon,shiny carnvire,shiny pelliper,shiny golem,shiny espeon,shiny spiritomb,shiny porygon-z-hacked,shiny haunter,shiny mew,shiny jolteon,shiny latias,shiny staravia,shiny bronzong,shiny palkia,shiny arcanine,shiny cacturne,shiny vileplume,shiny magnezone,shiny wingull,shiny cresselia,shiny flareon,shiny magneton,shiny gastly,shiny porygon,shiny deoxys,shiny starly,shiny beautifly,shiny roselia,shiny eevee,shiny gloom,shiny tentacruel,shiny keckleon,shiny fearow,shiny mareep,shiny regice,shiny entei-possibly hacked,shiny ditto,shiny treeko-hacked,shiny bagon,shiny uxie,shiny seviper,shiny wheezing,shiny ho-oh,shiny mighteana,shiny camerput,shiny aipom,shiny flaffy

    also are either of the ralts male?

    UT shiny:
    ralts (adamant), totodile (brave), chimchar (naive), piplup (careful), treecko (lax), riolu (serious), roselia (quirky), tentacool (hasty), tentacool (quirky), starly (gentle), weezing (brave), lickitung (timid), kricketune (quirky), shinx (timid), giratina (bold), beldum (lax), spearow (gentle), keckleon (lonely), pachirisu (hasty), gloom (bold), growlithe (calm), gastly (calm), seviper (brave), eevee (naïve), duskull (hasty), mareep (modest), horsea (modest), larvitar (adamant), cacturne (naïve), uxie (lonely), purugly (relaxed), skorupi (naïve), aipom (jolly), aipom (hardy), dratini (naïve), bonsly (relaxed), mew (mild), stantler (quiet), sneasel (brave), staryu (rash), bulbasaur (brave), drifloon (modest), magby (quirky), voltorb (brave), ditto (careful), articuno (sassy), poliwag (mild), cresselia (serious), slowpoke (mild), rayquaza (gentle), buneary (lax), skitty (docile), geodude, (serious), lumineon (bashful), deoxys (relaxed), snubull (adamant), skammory (gentle), groudon (careful),

    note: i clone my pokemon. if you do not wish to recieve a cloned pokemon, then you probably shouldnt trade with me.

    my FC is:3437 1521 1137
    i claim darkrai and i claim shiny rayquaza thanks to coolio( from for the awsome chao sprites!