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Hello all, this is Mateo of Skeetendo, posting under my own name.

Basically I am not sure exactly what is going on with Skeetendo. I haven't been able to get up with Pyro in months. As you have noticed, the Skeetendo site no longer appears to be normal and I can't update it (well I have the password and username but can't get to the login page and without pyro to ask, that is a problem.)

As for the hack, with only half of Skeetendo accounted for, It is temporarily on hold until I can get up with pyro and ask his opinion. If I still hear nothing from Pyro by the end of the summer, I will continue work on it myself and either move it to a new thread under my name or keep on as Skeetendo, whichever it's still up in the air.

However in the meantime, I've begun to dabble on another old hack you all are familiar with the name but this time around it will be a lot better than the old one I promise you that. Once I get a playable demo ready I will post a thread about that one and let you all see.

So basically this is to say, I'm not sure why but Pyro appears to be AWOL, the hack is on hold until I can get up with him or just decide to continue it on my own, but definitely is NOT dead. And while I haven't been posting and working on the hack as much (have done a bit more than the last release and I will get screens up shortly) I haven't just been sitting aroun twiddling my thumbs either. Sorry for this news, but I had to go ahead and tell you all, I couldn't just leave you in the dark.

Mateo out

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