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i would like these please

shiny larvitar adamant
shiny ralts male
shiny shinx lv.4 dont care on nature
shiny groudon lv.54 T
shiny dialga lv.70 T
RUBY shiny linoone lv.57 T

and also vaporeon and jolteon are male

UT shiny:
ralts (adamant), totodile (brave), chimchar (naive), piplup (careful), treecko (lax), riolu (serious), roselia (quirky), tentacool (hasty), tentacool (quirky), starly (gentle), weezing (brave), lickitung (timid), kricketune (quirky), shinx (timid), giratina (bold), beldum (lax), spearow (gentle), keckleon (lonely), pachirisu (hasty), gloom (bold), growlithe (calm), gastly (calm), seviper (brave), eevee (naïve), duskull (hasty), mareep (modest), horsea (modest), larvitar (adamant), cacturne (naïve), uxie (lonely), purugly (relaxed), skorupi (naïve), aipom (jolly), aipom (hardy), dratini (naïve), bonsly (relaxed), mew (mild), stantler (quiet), sneasel (brave), staryu (rash), bulbasaur (brave), drifloon (modest), magby (quirky), voltorb (brave), ditto (careful), articuno (sassy), poliwag (mild), cresselia (serious), slowpoke (mild), rayquaza (gentle), buneary (lax), skitty (docile), geodude, (serious), lumineon (bashful), deoxys (relaxed), snubull (adamant), skammory (gentle), groudon (careful),

note: i clone my pokemon. if you do not wish to recieve a cloned pokemon, then you probably shouldnt trade with me.

my FC is:3437 1521 1137
i claim darkrai and i claim shiny rayquaza thanks to coolio( from for the awsome chao sprites!