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    ~Update July 9th 08 - SCREENIE GOODNESS!~

    Yes, I had to copy all of the other game makers and make my updates look like theirs because it looks simply awesome XD
    So credit to them.

    Wow, I haven't updated this thread in a loooooong time. So here's a load of brand new screenies showcasing how far we've come!

    Here you can see a preview of Rosenut City, Selwood Forest and the massive Metrostone City! <3

    What exactly is this legend the locals of Rosenut are talking about? What does that strange sign mean? And what the heck is the Light Creature? Keep watching to find out...

    And it looks like Clair is further on than you are.. yet no sign of the Professor...

    There will be a new update when this thread reaches 275 posts. Or maybe sooner, if I feel like it. But you guys aren't exactly making me feel like posting a new update yet XD