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Originally Posted by xxTragicNightmare View Post
Personally my favorite is the pokeball! It is amazing! haha
I love the coloring. and the WOOSH reflection xD
Thanks for commenting. People seem to love this one.

Originally Posted by iRawr-x View Post
Comment on the Pokeball: Wow the pokeball one looks so real, Very nice mirage of it on the bottom, Tottally love it ;D Could you make a manaphy one :P
Like I said above. :P It might be difficult for me to make a Manaphy in the same style as the PokeBall picture. Sadly, usually if I pull off a really cool style, it's just experimental and I forget how I did it afterwards. I have, however, done a 3D-ish Manaphy illustration:
Thanks for commenting.

--- --- ---

And I have done a new picture. I stayed up all night, bored, and something told me to work on a Slowking picture...

I think he has a belly ache.

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