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    Was this RP even approved yet? Well it still looks somewhat fun..and all the other RP's are kind of dead, so what the heck.


    Name: Corey Stenson
    Age: 28

    Personality: The personality that Corey posseses is basically one giant oxymoron, as she is both selfish yet caring. How in the hell can someone be a self centered jerk and then give a rats butt about someone? Well its actually quite simple when you look at it, but it is still puzzling as to how someone with this personality has any respect from her pokemon. When it comes down to it, Corey lives only for herself and doesn't care who she steps on to get to where she's going - even her pokemon. To her, they are tools to be used to further her goals of becoming one of the greatest trainers to ever live. In each battle, Corey spaces out the status of her pokemon and just uses her strategic genius to win the battle as swiftly as possible. If the battle turns out to be a victory, Corey celebrates to herself in her mind and quickly recalls her pokemon and leaves to go begin training again. But if the victory results in a loss, Corey becomes a very compassionate person and immediately runs off to the Pokemon center to get all of her pokemon fixed up. The downside to this compassion though is that one healed, its back to training and the sessions are by far not easier. She is also a commander of multiple teams of units and is just as strict with them as she is with her pokemon.

    Orientation: Asexual - meaning she chooses not to date anyone, boy or girl.

    Appearance: Flowing blonde hair, that reaches the middle of the back, with ice sparkling blue eyes and a killer white smile to top it all off. That's not what Corey looks like and she's extremely thankful for that. A typical blonde is not how she would like to live her life, and she would take her shoulder length brunette hair over stereotypical "babe" look anyday. Not many people notice the length of Corey's hair, but the only reasons for that would be guys only paying attention to her chest or the fact that she keeps her hair in two pony tails for the majority of her day. Continuing down her upper half, we come to her face, that when caressed has a smooth feel to it. Again, not that anyone would know because if someone tried to touch her face she'd probably spin kick them into the furthest region possible. Her eyes are a deep brown color, similiar to a chocolate bar that all the kids go crazy over once they're let out of classes for the day. On her nose rests a piercing, on the right side, that she's had since she turned sixteen to aid in her rebellious personality. Accompanying the nose piercing, Corey has both her ears, the lower parts, pierced and a navel piercing which we'll get to later.

    Moving further down, we come to the mid upper part of this young woman, and its covered with a simple orange tank top, an odd symbol in the center of the chest that she designed herself, and red drawstring back for all of her other possesions. The symbol is actually of a bird flying upwards, with what appears to be gusts of winds behind it, to represent her love for flying pokemon, thanks to her mother. Back to the tank top, it cuts off just above the navel and we come back to that belly button piercing we discussed earliar. It is a simple piercing, like all the others, except it has a charizard charm hanging from it, again aiding to her love of flying pokemon.

    Finally reaching the lower portion of Corey's body, we come to the yellow pants that cut off just at the ankles, giving Corey a sexy and tough looking appearrance. Her shoe's vary between a pair of orange flip flops and black sneakers and laces. Red, yellow, black and orange are the only colors she likes to where, but if needed she'll wear whatever she has to.

    This is the case when on undercover missions. When "on the job" or on normal missions, Corey wears her custom Team Magma uniform that consists of: A red bandana, with the team logo, that covers the top of her head but two braids of hair come out that reach just above her shoulders. A black tanktop, again with the logo, that is covered by a red vest, also marked with the logo, with each cutting off just above the navel. Finishing it off we have red capri's and some black boots that come up to her knee.

    Pokemon One: Typhlosion lvl 67
    Pokemon Two: Arcanine lvl 66
    Pokemon Three: Magmortar lvl 65
    Pokemon Four: Houndoom lvl 68
    Pokemon Five: Infernape lvl 70
    & Pokemon Six: Blaziken lvl 69

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