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    Originally Posted by αωαταρ αανγ View Post
    Uh....That is something I have problems with.

    I did that EXACTLY. Didn't work. I did it backwards and still didn't work.
    Well to start, does the song play in Sappy? If not, there's your problem. And second off, be more specific, what ISN'T working? Is it not playing in the game, is it not exporting them? If you want me to help you with the problem you have to be more specific about it. But yes, generally, if it actually plays in Sappy and you did all that it should work. Another thing is try closing out Sappy after assembling, THEN open it back up and try to export the files. After that you should be able import the track to the backup rom and it'll work. And if the problem is you can't FIND the exported tracks, you can do something like "C:\PokemonHack\$T" to make SURE the files get dumped where you want them to.
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